Our Philosophy

“Praana” is the Sanskrit word for “Vital Life Force”. It is the notion of a vital, life-sustaining force and vital energy that is infinitely present in all living things.

“ We need to listen to the patient’s story and develop a response to it. The approach to complex syndroms may be much more profound than just to point a round peg into a square hole and get a singular diagnosis”

Jeffrey S. Bland, PhD,

Founder, Institute for Functional Medicine

Our Philosophy:

Our goal at Praana Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Center, PLLC (PraanaIMHHC) is to encourage, assist and empower our patients in developing and sustaining the proper flow of this vital energy within themselves and thereby supporting the immense natural intelligence of their body allowing it to unfold its infinite potential.

Ancient Vedantic wisdom states that the body innately knows how to heal itself, provided there is no toxic interference with the process. Our role is only to provide the body with the correct nutrients in the form of nourishing, unadulterated, wholesome food; rejuvenating & invigorating mind-body practices; healing interpersonal relationships and positive life attitudes which promote healing and vitality. At the same time we need to eliminate from our being, toxins in all forms, physical, mental and emotional, which are hindering the process of achieving life-long health, wellness and vibrancy. The core concept is that what we take into our body and cannot bring out becomes who we are!

We hope to follow the wisdom of this ancient healing philosophy and change the paradigm of modern 21st century medicine!