Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

I went to see Dr. Ghei as a last resort at a time when I was both incredibly sick (but didn’t know the extent of it!) and disheartened by traditional medicine. It is safe to say that I was lacking hope in every sense of the word.

I had been to multiple conventional doctors, naturopaths, and had tried virtually every diet you could think of. I had researched and no one really seemed to be able to figure out what was going on with me. My symptoms were varied and bizarre. 

By some Universal guidance, I found Dr. Ghei’s website and called the office as a last-ditch effort. I was shocked when Edith picked up the phone immediately (what doctors office has that kind of service?!) and made me an appointment within a week. At my first appointment, my symptom questionnaire totaled over 100. My first appointment lasted over 2.5 hours and I could not believe that she spent so much time getting to know me and trying to really figure out what was going on. I have NEVER had a doctor care so much or take that much time to understand me. She was not in a rush and she asked about everything—my diet, my work, my home environment, my relationships, my pets, my hobbies. At the time I couldn’t figure out why she was asking all these things and I thought it was all irrelevant.

Now I know that the whole picture of your life literally dictates your health on a cellular level.

The first round of tests showed SIBO, Chronic Candida, Hashimoto’s, elevated Celiac antibodies, insufficient hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, various nutrient deficiencies, and more. Dr. Ghei immediately ordered the antibiotics and medications I needed, in addition to helping me dial in my diet and supplements.

A few months later, my symptoms were improving a little, but definitely not as much as they should have been, and some things were getting worse. Dr. Ghei LISTENED and ran more tests to discover that I was suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), and suddenly my bizarre symptoms made sense.

In the middle of suffering, it feels like it is taking forever to figure out what is going on, but when I started to read about CIRS and learned that many people suffer for up to 5-10 years before receiving an accurate diagnosis, I was in awe of Dr. Ghei.

It has been quite an experience and often a very dark and scary time. Since then, I have made some drastic life changes, including moving to a drier climate and leaving my job which was in a very moldy environment.

Dr. Ghei and Edith have supported me in every way through this journey. They have willingly put up with and answered more emails and calls from me and my mother than you can imagine. Honestly, can you name any other doctor who responds by email?? I’ll wait.

They checked in on me when they knew it was not going well. They prayed for me and mostly, they believed in me.

There is a lot I could say about Dr. Ghei, but here are some of the highlights:

  1. Dr. Ghei listens. I had not had much luck with doctors listening prior to Dr. Ghei. She truly believes that you are the expert of your body and if you work with her and closely follow her recommendations, she respects your feedback and will adjust as you see fit. She is not going to tell you to see a psychiatrist, which is unfortunately what happens WAY too often when people are suffering from chronic illness.
  2. Dr. Ghei’s non-invasive, holistic approach is the perfect balance of treatment. Her goal is not to put you on a bunch of drugs; she knows that isn’t sustainable. She offers many alternative therapies and promotes the least invasive treatments, but she will give you what your body needs if you do in fact need pharmaceuticals. 
  3. Dr. Ghei really cares. I have never experienced such compassion and understanding from a doctor before.

Dr. Ghei and Edith saved my life.

They didn’t just save me because they are professionals that are good at their job (which they are!); they saved me because they believed in me, they believed in my body’s ability to heal itself, they believed that I would have a life again.

What I know for sure is that there is a huge lack of doctors like this out in the world.

What I have learned about the healing process is that your mind and your thoughts create your reality. If you don’t have a compassionate, positive team of healers around you, your odds are much lower. Of course, you still have to make the absolutely necessary lifestyle and dietary changes, but you definitely need the right support. Dr. Ghei is very special to me because she offered me (and continues to offer me) compassionate care during a very rough time. She has always had a positive outlook, even when I was very down. She has held my hand, lifted me up, and reminded me time and time again that my body is capable of healing.

I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Ghei. I will forever be grateful to her. I tell everyone I meet with chronic, “unexplainable” issues to see a functional medicine doctor. But if you happen to live in Texas or in a neighboring state, you absolutely need to work with Dr. Ghei.

I believe that everything is figureoutable, especially your health. You just need the right support and team. You can find that at Praana Integrative Medicine.

-Emily Dickson
Eagle, Idaho

“Before meeting with Dr.Ghei I had been in pain for almost a year and a half. I have been suffering with stomach pain, bloating, indigestion, nausea and a heartburn before and after eating food. Eating became a nightmare for me. I tried different food choices, saw many other doctors but with no avail. Endoscopy and different lab tests didn’t reveal any serious illnesses. Feeling powerless I would cry myself into sleep. Unwilling to give up I kept trying to find another doctor.

I heard of Dr. Ghei from a family member of mine. I fell in love with Dr. Ghei at first sight. Not only she is an outstanding doctor, she is caring and beautiful person. My initial visit with her went over an hour an a half during which she spend going over my medical history. She went to the bottom of my problems and put me on a totally new diet. I got to say, I have never met such an intuitive, a detective like doctor. She possesses an incredible knowledge of traditional and holistic medicine. I finely felt like somebody can answer all my questions.
I got to say I had to stick with Dr.Ghei’s diet for a while before I finely started feeling better. I have been pain free for almost three months now. Supplements that were recommended to me by Dr.Ghei are working magic. Not only I feel and look better, I suddenly have a totally new level of energy to do things during the day. I can not be more happier. I have to admit though, the diet is challenging but if it helps, I will do it for as long as I have too.
For all of you out there who suffers chronic symptoms and can’t find the answers, go to see Dr. Ghei, she will change your life.”

-Yulia Pakhalina

Olympic Diving Gold Medalist, (gold in synchronized springboard in 2000, a silver in synchronized springboard in 2004, and a bronze in 2004 in individual springboard) See my Bio

“I have been Dr. Manisha Ghei’s patient for the last year and a half. I have been suffering from Acid Reflux for a long time and have been prescribed allopathic medicines to suppress the formation of acid. As a result of taking these meds for such a long time, my stomach stopped absorbing important nutrients and vitamins leading to so many different health issues. I was very unwell.That’s when I visited Dr. Manisha Ghei. Not only did she sit down with me and explained in detail what I was going through, but also she went into the root cause of my health problems. She put me on totally natural supplements and taught me other healing holistic modalities including changing my diet. Her supplements are of the highest quality and I can say without any doubt that today I can attribute my being healthy and feeling great to Dr. Manisha. And recently, I have also started eating the amazingly delicious health food bars which she has created. They are all free of gluten and she has some that are also dairy free which really helps me. They are very nutritious and keep me going throughout my day as a busy mom and wife at home and at work.

Dr. Ghei gives so much time to her patients and personally makes calls to check on her patient’s well being. Her integrative approach to treatment as well as supplements are exceptional and I would not visit any other doctor for my overall well being!”

– L. S.
Houston, TX

“After receiving a recommendation to see Dr. Manisha Ghei, I visited her web site. I knew she was the right Doctor for me, when I read her quote ”All medicine comes down to this: Find out what’s bugging you; get rid of it. Find out what you need; get it.”
At 73, I was in a deteriorating state of health with a Toxicity test of 98/100 points, blood pressure of 230/130, and 37 long years of insomnia. Just two months later I’m a happy 73 year (old) ‘young’ woman with a 150/60 blood pressure, a Toxicity test of only 12/100 points, and I’m not an insomniac any more. These positive changes happened with no medications at all!!! For me this is not a miracle, though it feels like one… It is Dr.Manisha Ghei’s knowledge and intuition.

Beside her studies and great knowledge, Dr. Ghei is a beautiful, sensitive and patient person. During our initial two hour appointment, she gave me all the care, compassion and warmth I needed so badly. (I had never had a Dr spend more than 20 minutes with me before).

Two weeks prior to my appointment I was asked to fill out a 35 page medical history questionnaire which gave her a thorough understanding of my medical history and condition. During my visit in her office, she had answers and did not waste our time asking exploratory questions.

Though I’m not completely out of the woods yet, but every day I feel better and have more energy. This experience has given me a better understanding of food and how to treat my body and very important information for the good health of my loved ones!

She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine (MD) and Board Certified in Integrative & Holistic Medicine.

I highly recommend Dr.Manisha Ghei if you are not well. For me, choosing Dr. Manisha Ghei as my healthcare consultant has been nothing shy of a coming back to life!”

Yolanda  Ortiz
Austin, TX

“Dr. Manisha Ghei has redefined for me what “going to the doctor” means.  I was impressed, first of all, with how much time she took to get to the bottom of my ailments.  For years I’ve suffered from chronic skin conditions, arthritis, allergies, and more recently stomach issues, and never felt taken seriously by the doctors I’d seen.  For one, no doctor had ever spent more than ten minutes with me.  They also treated my ailments topically (with creams or medication) and never brought to my attention, unlike Dr. Ghei, that there might be an underlying cause to my issues.  Dr. Ghei took a comprehensive approach to understanding my health, digging deep into my past and present medical history before deciding which functional tests to pursue.  She is amazingly thorough, but has a knack for relating to you on a personal level — explaining medical concepts that a layperson can understand.  When the results from the lab work came back (it was discovered, among other things, that I carry the genes that predispose me to celiac disease, and that I am gluten sensitive), she called me immediately and patiently went over every item that was significant on the pages and pages of data.  She not only interpreted the data but related it to how it was affecting my immune system, and offered suggestions as to how to prevent further damage down the line.  She is remarkable at what she does, and I’m so thrilled to have her as a doctor.  For the first time in my life I feel like I’m getting to bottom of my health issues, and more importantly working towards healing.  Thank you, Dr. Ghei!!

– Monica Khanna, NJ

 I’m so grateful to have met Dr. Ghei.  Finally a doctor who was able to give me some relief!  For two years I’ve been suffering from a variety of symptoms: chronic fatigue, stomach problems, postnasal drip, etc.  My PCP was dismissive (“We’ll deal with that another day”) or ineffective (for instance, the nasal sprays he described worked temporarily at best; in subsequent visits, he never asked if the problem persisted).  I had resigned myself to living with it.  Then my wife told me about Dr. Ghei’s practice.  I decided to check her out.  Dr. Ghei has a solid foundation in traditional Western medicine, which she practiced for years before expanding her horizons, a great testimony to her thoroughness.  She truly looks at the whole patient.  And she looks long and hard.  She listens to my complaints, then asks for details, and asks again and again.  After a battery of tests, she finally got to the root of things.  She called me the moment the results came in, explained what was wrong and why, put me on the right antibiotics, and suggested a bunch of dietary changes.  And two weeks into the treatment changes are beginning to manifest: I’m less tired, have a lot more energy, my stomach stopped gurgling, no more reflux, and I can breathe through my nose.  As for the dietary adjustments that are required, I actually enjoy taking a more active role in my well-being.  Dr. Ghei has turned my life around.  She’s a phenomenal doctor, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Martin Reichert, NJ

 Dr.Ghei’s thorough knowledge and unique approach has been fundamental in resolving my health issues. Few months ago, I was suffering from high CPK (muscle enzyme), severe muscle pain, anxiety, significant stomach and gut issues, high BP and high cholesterol. I had been to several doctors and they had recommended to me several medications which were a band-aid for the interim and long term effects were detrimental due to the side effects of the medications prescribed.

Dr.Ghei’s approach is focused more on getting to the root cause and treating the fundamental issue causing the symptoms and the disease. I would highly recommend Dr.Ghei as she has been instrumental in improving my health without the use of any medications at all!”

M.E. Houston, TX

“I just tried your Coconut Filled High Fiber Bar and I am loving it! In fact, I have been eating one a day and feeling great. I can’t believe it only has one gram of sugar and only 60 calories per serving!

Especially during the holiday season, I am over-worked and sleep deprived. And I need to stay healthy! This bar is the perfect snack in the afternoon. It keeps me satisfied for a few hours and my energy level remains high throughout the rest of the day. As a health-nut and a super busy mother of three boys, I appreciate this and your other healthy products. You are giving us a simple and yummy alternative to unhealthy fast foods and snacks. Keep up the good work!”

Sugar Land, TX

“Dear Dr. Ghei, I have tried several kinds of vitamins and I love the ones you have formulated. They give me lots of energy and I surely can use that with 3 children and work. I have more energy and I am able to accomplish more in a day with the boost of the vitamins. My mom and grandmother tried some and they too love these.”

Houston, TX

Dear Dr. Ghei,

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation for not only your skill as my functional & integrative medicine doctor but also your compassion throughout this process. Way back in Feb of 2016 I was diagnosed with stage three advanced breast cancer. Having been in good health for most of my life and finding out that I might not have much time left put me and my family in a lot of pain and stress.

However, after consulting with you, your positive attitude and aggressive approach towards your treatment protocols has helped me fight this disease on a daily basis. Your skill and knowledge and positive outlook has been playing a major role. I truly feel that not only do I owe my life to you, but that I was blessed to find myself placed in your more than capable hands.

I also appreciate your continuous support through these testing times, giving me your time when ever I needed it. The list of supplements is extremely long but I’ve gotten used to taking them as I realize that with my serious diagnosis they are needed and that they have actually helped me get back on my feet after going through eight cycles of chemo, surgery & reconstruction followed by twenty-five cycles of radiation. I also wanted to add that my oncologist was certainly surprised with the level of energy I used to exhibit throughout my treatment. The conventional nutritionist that the hospital provided at one point realized that I would not be taking their diet plan and finally left me alone J. Needless to say 2016 was a testing year of my life. As a patient living with advanced breast cancer I must say that we cannot go by the numbers the doctors give with regards to life expectancy but can add several more years to our life by making changes to our diet and lifestyle as you have taught me.

Saying “Thank You” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that truly express my feelings appropriately, so I will stick with those two simple words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.


Shalini Khurana

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Manisha Ghei has been my physician for past few months. This is my very candid account true from heart, and I am willing to open up so that others who need help can get it. I have been to a few other multiple physicians of various types including the very high end ones before, the ones who have been on Oprah show, TV celebrity types.I can say Dr. Manisha Ghei beats them all to dirt! Clinically I had hypothyroidism which was diagnosed by my previous Endocrinologist, I got to know Dr. Manisha Ghei thru personal contacts and wanted to give it a shot since I was not getting results from my previous physicians. I came to the US in 1999 from India to study, and I knew that all life long I had such a thing called ‘food allergy or sensitivity’. As I was growing up, I vividly remember after eating certain foods like Milk, Soy or wheat I used to feel nauseated, bloated and sleepy. After years I started gaining weight, had lack of energy, tiredness, lack of mental focus and a whole lot of issues. My quality of life started coming down, and I was looking for answers, because conventional physicians would not diagnose me with anything, they said you are just fine, there is nothing wrong with you. When I saw Dr. Manisha Ghei, upon my first visit I immediately got a vibe that she is different. After few visits and my results I confirmed that she is not run-of-a-mill physician. Now I feel energetic, there is a charm and vibe in life, I have started to lose weight, my appetite it up, my energy level is up, I definitely feel the energy to at least go to the gym, it’s a different thing due to my own negligence I don’t work out as much as I should. A visit with Dr. Manisha Ghei is an experience in itself. She spends a lot of time, before, during and after visit for her patients, and has an attention to details for individual patients. She is very personal in her approach and communication with the patients. She cares for each one of her patients like her extended family. The urge and desperation in her eyes for her patients to get better and to feel good is genuine and is very real. I have seen it first hand!. And it’s that drive in her and her go-getter attitude that patients sees in her, that’s the motivation for her patients to follow the diet, prescriptions and lifestyle changes. It’s not easy, but patients feels the therapeutic partnership with her and she instills a feeling in her patients, that she and her patients are one team, where the team is fighting as one single unit towards common goal to make her patients enjoy their lives again. She is not just board certified in multiple disciplines, she continuously reads a lot of literature, attends a lot of conferences and uses the latest and greatest that’s available out there. She will explain in great detail the reason and cause of each of the illness while going over the test results, and the science behind it. She is not for every random person out there. She is highly specialized, high end, elite, white glove treatment, premium physician. If you are trying to save money and not care for your health as much, you can go somewhere else. She is an exclusive physician for the patients who believe that their health is exclusive and is above everything else, because the services she will provide and the quality you life and charm you’ll get in life is priceless!!!!!. In closing FYI – all this is coming from a certified fitness and nutrition expert himself. Also, my wife is herself a board certified MD family medicine physician and  I still go to Dr. Manisha Ghei. Not that it matters, but attaching my credentials here all of which are current. I am not a physician, but you’ll know, that I know a thing or two about fitness, nutrition and health. If you go to nasm dot org slash resources slash validate-credentials and type in ‘Anand’ in the first name and ‘Chauhan’ in the last name you’ll see all my credentials. I am trying to get to that above average great body, health and fitness that was envy of many, once I was at my peak. Dr. Manisha Ghei has so far provided services to me that are priceless, and I am happy to have her as my partner in my pursuit of healthy lifestyle and peak fitness and health, and I highly recommend her. So do yourself a favor, visit her and you’ll find out what you have been missing.

Anand Chauhan

Sugar Land, TX

October 2016

Update from Anand Chauhan Jan 2017:

I have personally experienced the connection between spirituality/mind/body/medicine. Dr. Manisha Ghei’s office and she herself, is relaxing comforting environment where someone can speak heart to heart. With out going thru details of what ever happened in my early life, but at the same time not shying away, I must say Dr. Manisha Ghei was the single, I mean single person/reason responsible to make my India trip happen after 11 years, and re-connecting back with my family, and re-establish my roots/old bonds. Life has been amazing ever since I am under her supervision. I am hoping many more would benefit from this.

Dr Manisha Ghei took an entirely different approach with me. Instead of putting me on instant medication, as many doctors do these days, she analysed my complete family history, recommended really deep tests, and then suggested treatment and optimization strategies that have worked wonders….a very thoughtful and integrated approach to medicine. She spends a lot of time following up, and it is wonderful to see that Doctors like her are not commercially motivated, or pandering to over treating patients, but instead treating us holistically! Highly recommend her for executives dealing with high stress jet set lifestyles.

Siddharth Singh

President, Integrated Solutions and Vertical Markets, Global Payments Inc

Atlanta, GA