General FAQ's

We offer two types of lab testing:

1. Regular labs which are ordered through LabCorp/ Quest / CPL labs. You will be referred to one of their local locations for blood draw or to submit urine or stool specimens. These labs will file a claim with your insurance company. The amount covered is dependent on your specific medical insurance plan. The feedback we have gotten is that these labs are generally 100% covered.

2. Functional Labs are ordered through a variety of Speciality Labs which test for things such as food sensitivities, nutritional status, detoxification status, GI digestion and absorption, heavy metal toxicity, genetics and hormone metabolites. These labs may not covered by your insurance company. However you can use funds from a HSA to cover the costs of these tests. Also many of these labs have a Pay Assured plan where you pay a small fee upfront and the rest they bill to your insurance. We urge you to call your health insurance before making your initial appointment with Dr. Ghei and confirm your out-of-network lab coverage.

You contact the office and make an appointment for a consult with Dr. Ghei. We then send you via email, a PDF of the Initial Patient Visit Intake Form which you would fill out in its entirety (please keep aside about 1-2 hours to read it carefully and fill the form out since it is about 50 pages long). After completion you can mail the form to our office or drop it by the office.

Please remember to get the form back to us at least 7 business days before your scheduled appointment, so Dr. Ghei has a chance to review it before your visit.

It takes Dr. Ghei anywhere between 30 minute to 1 hour to review this extensive form and she likes to review it prior to the appointment so she can assess your particular needs better and also, so that she does not have to charge you for the time needed to review the information during your actual visit with her. If you are not able to get the form back to us in time, we will either have to reschedule your appointment for a later date or Dr. Ghei will have to use up to 30 -45 minutes of your actual consultation time to review the intake form at which point you will be charged for the time.

Further details on some other office procedures are accompanying the intake form. Please read them carefully to avoid any confusion during your visits.

Dr. Ghei can handle most of your primary care needs, however she does require that you please keep up your very important relationship with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for Routine Screening and Yearly Health Maintenance Exams and also for any emergencies which may need hospitalization. Please run all treatment recommended by Dr. Manisha Ghei by your PCP before implementing.

Our office does not cater to medical emergencies. The office checks and responds to messages only during business hours. We are a small low volume integrative medicine practice that takes pride in personalized and careful attention to our patients on the day of their appointment and we may not pick up the phone if we are with our patients. Please leave a detailed message and someone will call you as soon as possible. Emails can take up to 5 business days to respond to as we are with patients most of the day.

For emergencies please call 911.

If you live out of town and would like a phone consult with Dr. Manisha Ghei, Texas law requires her to have at least one in-person office appointment with you per year to be able to prescribe medicines and to order labs. Subsequently, follow up visits may be done over the phone. Phone consults and any health related communication via email are billed at the same rate as in office consults. Please see Fees and Policies Tab for details of pricing.

Please note that we do not accept medical health insurance.
Our office will, however, provide you with the completed Super-bill upon requestwith all the necessary information and CPT & ICD-9 Codes( ie, Procedure & Diagnosis Codes) needed for you to file to your insurance for reimbursement for our services.
We have been informed that in most cases consultation services and labs have been paid for by the insurance.In case you have aHSA ( Health Savings Account) or a FSA ( Flexible Spending Account), you may use your pre-tax dollars to pay for the consultation or visit with Dr. Ghei.
We encourage you to call your health insurance before making your appointment with Dr. Ghei and confirm your Out of Network coverage for medical consultation visit.

Ayurvedic Mind-Body FAQ's

During a consultation Dr. Ghei addresses the root cause of the issue instead of the particular diagnosis or medical condition. Although symptoms and diagnosis are discussed and important for the physician to be aware of, the Ayurvedic framework approaches medicine in a unique, personalized way. Because of this, consultations are beneficial for a wide variety of issues and conditions including: digestive disorders, insomnia, mood disturbances such as anxiety and depression, hypertension, weight issues, memory and concentration.

No, without a physical examination Dr. Ghei is unable to provide medical advice or give diagnoses. The benefit of receiving an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation with a physician ensures you receive the most appropriate recommendations based upon your health history and wellness goals.

This appointment will empower you with lifestyle recommendations from an experienced medical physician based upon your medical history, dosha imbalance and wellness goals. The consultation takes all of you into consideration, using a holistic approach within an Ayurvedic framework to provide you with mental, physical and spiritual guidance.

No, insurance companies do not currently recognize these types of consultations as medically necessary. However, we can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Initial consultations are at least one hour, but can be upto 90 min. Follow up appointments are available in 30 minute increments to support an on-going relationship between you and a Chopra Center Physician.

Yes, you’ll be e-mailed a “Mind-Body Recommendation” form with supporting hand-outs on the topics and techniques advised during your consultation.

Message us from the Contact Us page of the website. In your message please include the reason for your needing this consultation and your preference ( phone or Face-to-Face)

We require payment upon booking, from which point you have 36 hours to cancel and receive a full refund. After 36 hours, your payment will become a credit that can be used for any future Medical appointment. Please reschedule within 72 hours of your appointment date to avoid a rescheduling fee of 50% of your scheduled consultation charge.