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Candida-Control Foods & Remedies Guide

Are you just tired of being tired all the time?!

Are you craving sugar and carbohydrates?

Are you bloated, gassy or burping a lot?

Does your mood fluctuate? Are you becoming snappy or anxious? Often feel like crying?

You’re gaining weight around your mid-line and just can’t figure out why?

Hot flashes appear out of no where? 

Sleep is erratic and restless?

Joints and muscles hurt all the time?

Don’t worry, help is on its way! 



Dr. Manisha’s Praana Protocol®


Candida-Control Foods & Remedies Guide!

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Gut imbalance – specifically bacterial and /or candida overgrowth – plays a huge role in a variety of symptoms that we call disease

Other than the symptoms mentioned above, these imbalances can also impact adrenal and thyroid health and male and female hormones, so weight gain becomes an inevitable consequence as well.


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Candida-Control Foods & Remedies Guide

contains the following:

  • What is Candida? Who gets it?

  • What Causes Candida Infections and Overgrowth?

  • An overview of common symptoms of Candida overgrowth

  • Dietary recommendations:

  • Foods to consume

  • Foods to avoid

  • Frequently asked questions about candida overgrowth

  • Common supportive remedies

  • Useful resources

Download my FREE Gift

Candida-Control Foods & Remedies Guide

It has much much more than just information on diet!

In-fact, you can heal yourself from candida using the strategies mentioned in this e-book and support your body to prevent candida from coming back.


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You may request Dr. Manisha to do further phone or skype visits with you if required. She can guide and advise you, and review results and answer your questions related to candida, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), gut health, autoimmune disease, hormonal health, adrenal and thyroid health, weight gain etc. 

If such visits are necessary, you will be advised on the fee schedule and invoiced accordingly before scheduling such consults.


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